About us

Our vision: show the Matrix difference

My vision for this laboratory was to create a business which could cater to dentists and patients who understand and seek the difference between making a denture and delivering a removable prosthetic.

The basic difference is in the understanding that removable prosthetic fabrication is the comprehensive clinical treatment of the patient and the detailed laboratory construction that goes with it.

Clinical participation and communication is of paramount importance if we as a team are to deliver a prosthesis that fulfills the promise of those seeking more than something to fill an empty space with teeth.

Our goal: your confidence and satisfaction
My philosophy has always been based on what is called “subliminal acceptance”. This is the belief that if we make the prosthesis as natural as possible, the confidence in the knowing it looks like more than a piece of plastic compels the patient to forget that anyone will know they are wearing something fabricated. Comments from patients and their family members in regard to never smiling so much or so large in years are just a few of the verbal confirmations that there is validity in this philosophy.

About the owner and technician
Tom Zaleske has an A.S. in dental laboratory technology. He has been a technician for 26 years. He began his career as an in-house technician while completing his second year in school. Because his specialty was removable prosthetics he was allowed to meet removable patients chair-side and track their progress from start to finish. This afforded valuable insight into what constitutes successful removable treatment. This position lasted for a 9 year tenure during which time accounts were developed outside of this practice. The natural progression was to move on and develop a separate entity.

Technical identity has been fortified over the years with the study and application of techniques and philosophies developed by Pound, Dentogenic concepts as developed by Drs. Fisher and Frush, Dr. Allen Brewer, Jurg Stuck, and Dr. Jack Turbyfill. 


Author, lecturer, dental consultant

Besides owning and running a successful dental laboratory, Tom Zaleske is also a well known and respected authority in the dental technology specialty of removable prosthetics. Starting in 2011 he has been contracted as Benchtop Editor for Dental Lab Products magazine. He also continues his role as Technical Coordinator and Consultant for Keystone Industries for a 10th year . A curriculum vitae of his writing, lecturing experience, and consulting work can be reviewed on the PDF labeled CV Tom Zaleske in the Tips and Techniques area of this website. If you are a large laboratory seeking to refine and enhance your removable department, a one person laboratory wanting to offer a higher quality product, or study club / dental association looking to provide an educational offering rather than a manufacturers sales pitch, I can stylize my visit to fit your individual need.

If you are a dental manufacturer looking for a non-biased third party evaluation of your product, we have the experience in "beta" testing new laboratory products. I can provide full reports and comparisons on the actual in-use working properties, characteristics, and clinical feedback if applicable. Contact me directly for details.