Patient Info

You’re a patient, and you are surfing the Internet looking for all the information you can possibly find on dentures. That’s alright – you have found this site and we fabricate dentures that comprehensively treat the patient. We refer to this comprehensive form of dental treatment by the formal name used in our profession - "removable prosthetics." As a potential patient facing the prospect of removable prosthetic treatment or a disgruntled existing wearer looking for relief from an ill fitting, cosmetically fake dentures, you should be aware of the difference between just a denture and a removable prosthesis.

Removable prosthetics is one of the most challenging specialties in the field of dentistry. It is time consuming in procedural appointments when done comprehensively. If you have lost most of your teeth, or are wearing a denture which is unacceptable to you, some of those appointments will establish the position of where your teeth and jaw position used to be. You will also participate in wax try-ins, which are mock ups of where your teeth are most pleasing in appearance, and best for chewing. Once your approval is made, the wax portion of your try-in will be converted to a heat cured, high impact acrylic, which closely replicates natural tissue in contour and color. My choice of material for the acrylic base, which is most important and forms the foundation for the entire denture is Diamond D from Keystone Industries. After 3-1/2 years of use, I have found it to be the strongest denture acrylic I have ever used. They also have a shade, Chroma Essence, which is more life-like in color than any material I have used. Check my photo gallery if you are skeptical.

If you are a patient facing immediate extractions and delivery of a denture, be aware that your immediate denture is merely a healing denture. It is meant to only serve as a band aid until your extraction sites have healed and shrunk to allow for better placement of teeth. Expect that with comprehensive immediate denture treatment you will be offered two dentures as part of the process. One denture at the extraction appointment, and a final or definitive denture to be fabricated at a date to be determined by your individual healing process and monetary means. Many denture “mills” or one day service clinics rarely suggest or offer this two denture option as part of economy immediate denture treatment. You may be a patient that has only worn the denture delivered at the time of extractions and have never been satisfied. You are not unique.

So please browse the site, research around the Internet, and if you find that you are an individual looking for something better than a denture, and are interested in who I work with, contact me through this site. We presently work with dentists in 7 states, usually located near major metropolitan areas. Please be aware that we are a dental laboratory and as such, cannot suggest treatment or work on patients. Thank you